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Ged NaughtonYou can’t rely on luck, providence or the old-fashioned media to publicise your charity. If you’ve got a great project, it’s up to you to tell its story in the best possible way.

In fact, nowadays, you’ve got to do it yourself. There is the basic idea that you will be left behind by your competitors if you don’t publicise your charity. But – possibly more importantly – it’s the way things are done now; people expect to be kept up-to-date; they want to feel a personal connection.

So if you decide you want to publicise your charity, will you achieve those targets? I believe that it is possible.

I am a freelance journalist with 20 years experience of telling stories that make a difference – particularly those that wouldn’t normally be heard.

Let me work with you to tell the stories that matter to your donors, to your audience, and to your media.

What I offer to publicise your charity, its work and its projects:

I have a keen interest and more than 20 years experience in international development. I’m working on a book about a grassroots football team set up in Liberia by war-affected children, and still running after 16 years.

I have worked in the press office of an international NGO, for a local newspaper and run my own business for more than seven years, specialising in Media Relations and PR for charities and the not-for-profit sector.

Thanks to CAFOD for permission to use various photos.


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