Consett the World

consett+1CTW_launch_4someConsett the World was a community project to bring the wider world to our town – the former steel town of Consett, County Durham – through music and sport. It ran from 2006 to 2009.

We hoped to organise a football tournament featuring our own young people and guest teams from Hungary, Peru and Liberia to take place in September 2009. The idea was that we had plenty in Consett that we were proud of, but it would do us good to show it off to some international visitors.

We also knew football is a great way to bring people together, so we thought that would be the focus of the whole Consett the World project. But we also organised concerts, quizzes, a five-a-side football tournament and a number of activities with local schools.

The Game is Worth More than the Prize! Read Sir Bobby Robson’s letter of support to Consett the World – here

One of our concerts featured Zuba Bassa Beat, a band from Africa and Scotland andĀ Geordie Latinos – formed by ex Newcastle Utd and Peru star Nobby Solano and made up of ex-pat Latin Americans based in Newcastle.

1st_birthday_flyerSomebody was heard to say: “I never expected anything like this in Consett.” And they meant it in a good way!

Unfortunately theĀ global recession hit our funders hard, and we had to cancel the football tournament in March 2009, six months before it was scheduled, before it was too late.

  • We had numerous appearances in the local press and even on local radio. I will get round to putting a full Consett the World archive on here one day!
  • We also took photos which were scanned for a former site, so I lost some. Again, the Consett the World photo gallery is a project for a future rainy day.