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IMG033You can select from my blogs by choosing a category on the Home page, but, if I’ve got it right, the other blogs that haven’t got a Sport & Development theme, should be also gathered here.

Since 2012, I have contributed regularly to the online magazine known as The Good Men Project. I began to get interested in the topic of ‘men’s liberation’ a few years ago, and it stayed in my mind for some time.

I then wrote a piece about what it meant to be a young man growing up in the developing world, from conversations I had had with Millennium Stars Team members. It was published by my friends at Proexposure, a wonderful organisation, doing photo training in the developing world, acting as an agency for their protegees and promoting their work and good examples of photo work on their blog.

I thought I was a lone voice pondering how modern man was coming to terms with all the changes in traditional roles, but after publishing ‘What a Piece of Work is a Man’, I heard about Good Men Project – an organisation that was already doing that across the globe!

All the other blogs I wrote for them I have also posted on my own blog here.

I was thinking of re-posting or re-writing some pieces I wrote before I knew about blogs and technical wizardry. Some are about working in Ethiopia teaching English to former street-children in 2009 and some are about a four-month visit to Spain in 2005 which included working on farms and walking the Camino de Santiago.

But I decided that they were better off as pieces I’d written in their own specific time and place, so – in classic style – here are those I prepared earlier:

  • Excerpts from the blogs I wrote in Ethiopia in 2009 are – here
  • Excerpts from Spain 2005 are – here
  • You can see regular blogs I’ve written for The Good Men Project here