Guest blog: living under the threat of ebola in Liberia

A guest blog by Christian Neh of Millennium Stars FC, about living under the threat of ebola in Liberia:

I guess you must have heard all of the things that are happening in our country and how lives are lost on a daily basis. This is truly scaring as the country hasn’t experienced such a terrible plague, save the war, before. A lot has changed for the worse over the course of the time with even greater fear of further deterioration of the epidemic.

The fight against Ebola in West Africa

Living with the threat of ebola in Liberia

Everyone is jittery and worried about the future and this hasn’t helped the cause for immediate action as recommended and propelled by the government. Although preventative measures such as ‘no hand shaking and hugging’ are strictly observed and upheld, but seemingly difficult to always keep as close relatives and friends often downplay this considering how embedded both of those restrictions are in our cultural practices.

Today the death toll of this Ebola epidemic has risen to an unimaginable proportion prompting several people to realize how serious this scourge is and thus wanting immediate assistance from the International world in the form of vaccine or serum.

Several sectors of the society have broken down with businesses shut down, schooling and other social activities put on hold while potential investors and others are leaving the country in droves for fear of contacting the virus.

The state of emergency as declared by the Sirleaf administration hasn’t helped the cause as it has only heightened fear amongst the citizenry. Seeing military personnel around your community – especially having not seen that for almost a decade – under the guise of enforcing an Ebola screening exercise further increases one’s fear. 

Seeing military personnel around your community – especially having not seen that for almost a decade – further increases one’s fear.

Prayers and divine supplications are the order of the day in Mama Liberia because being without cure means Ebola is an all-powerful illness that Liberia cannot fight as a country.

However, life in my community (Matadi estate) is calm at the moment as there are no reported cases but, as a people grappling with the effects of such national disease, such situation comes with increased constraints. There are people who have to interact with others on a daily basis to make ends meet and with this downturn in activities nationwide there is always a trickle down effect.

We solicit your candid prayer and believe that Liberia will transcend this plague.

Millennium Stars have suspended all football playing and coaching activities in line with the Liberian government directive, but they are working to get the message of safety and prevention out to their networks.

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