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  • If you’re looking for someone to work with you to help promote your organisation or its projects through the media, then give me a call or drop me a line.

    I cover everything from copy-writing to film-making, including media relations, social media and media training for interviews or print.

    (c) Paul Green,

    Interviewing a failed asylum seeker in 2007 about the terror that was keeping him from going home. That’s me on the right.

    Full details of my expertise are here, and see Contact for how to get in touch.

    See My Story for more details of my experience, but in short:

    • I am a journalist with more than 20 years experience of telling stories that make a difference – particularly those that wouldn’t normally be heard.
    • I have worked in the press office of an international NGO, for a local newspaper and run my own business since 2005, specialising in Media Relations and PR for charities and the not-for-profit sector.
    • I have produced three films, the third of which I also wrote, filmed and edited. It’s called It’s Not Easy and tells the story of Millennium Stars FC, a grassroots football team set up in Liberia by war-affected children, in their own words
    • I’m currently writing the story of Millennium Stars, which I hope will be finished by summer 2015.


    All my blogs are on the Blogs page, but, if I’ve got it right, those that haven’t got a Sport & Development theme, should be also gathered here.

    Since 2012, I have contributed regularly to the online magazine known as The Good Men Project. I began to get interested in the topic of ‘men’s liberation’ a few years ago, and it stayed in my mind for some time.

    I then wrote a piece about what it meant to be a young man growing up in the developing world, from conversations I had had with Millennium Stars Team members. It was published by my friends at Proexposure, a wonderful organisation, doing photo training in the developing world, acting as an agency for their protegees and promoting their work and good examples of photo work on their blog.

    I thought I was a lone voice pondering how modern man was coming to terms with all the changes in traditional roles, but after publishing ‘What a Piece of Work is a Man’, I heard about Good Men Project – an organisation that was already doing that across the globe!

    All the other blogs I wrote for them I have also posted on my own blog here.

    Some pieces I wrote before I knew about blogs and technical wizardry – about working in Ethiopia teaching English to former street-children in 2009 or a four-month visit to Spain in 2005 which included working on farms and walking the Camino de Santiago are linked below:

    • Excerpts from the blogs I wrote in Ethiopia in 2009 are – here
    • Excerpts from Spain 2005 are – here
    • You can see regular blogs I’ve written for The Good Men Project here


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  1. Excellent page Ged, and as always, well-told Good News stories with depth and analytical thought behind them. Hope to catch up with you soon. Joe

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