Show me your Mo! Raising funds to fight Ebola in Liberia

Show Me Your Mo!

Show Me Your Mo! – Celebrations Millennium Stars style.

When the match is over and we’re celebrating a victory, we call on our teammates to perform some action showing their style and personality.

Sometimes it’s a goal celebration; sometimes it’s a dance; sometimes it’s just pulling a funny face.

Join us by filming your ‘mo’ and sharing your films to encourage others to donate to our cause!

See the video here to find out what is a ‘mo’!

You may not want to show us your mo, but don’t let that put you off donating:

You can contribute to Millennium Stars Anti-Ebola Campaign here.

Millennium Stars Football Club formed in 1997 when most of us were around 14 years old. We were lucky enough to tour the UK in 1999 and since then have tried to use our example of what can be achieved through football to develop young people in Liberia through football coaching.

(A 40-minute film about the history of Millennium Stars is here.)

We played football throughout the war, but Ebola has even stopped that. Earlier this year the Liberian government banned all communal activities that might increase the spread of the virus, and that includes football.

Since we suspended all on-field activities, we have been working collaboratively with some community Task Forces in disseminating anti-Ebola messages and health tips to the citizenry.

Frothy man - making soap in Gbangaye Town

Frothy man – making soap in Gbangaye Town

Now, with your help we want to step up our activities. We want to use our energy and contacts to get out into the community to help improve the situation.

  • First, we will be picking up contacts of persons showing signs of the virus and putting them in touch with the nearest treatment units as soon as possible so as to cut the chain of transmission.
  • Second, during this campaign the team intends to ‘Reach Out’ to those caught up in the most vulnerable condition and in dire need of food and anti-Ebola materials such as Chlorine buckets, Clorox, Dettol, soap, etc.
  • Finally, we will continue to raise awareness of how people can prevent the spread of the virus, and keep themselves safe.

Everything is in short supply here at the moment, so prices have risen. Here is an idea of some of the expected costs:

  1. One bucket $10.00  (target: 26 buckets)
  2. A crate of Chlorine $50.00 (target: 5 crates)
  3. A crate of Clorox $50.00 (target: 5 crates)
  4. A crate of Dettol $60.00 (target: 4 crates
  5. A box of.Vinyl Gloves $15.00 (target: 10 boxes)
  6. One dozen T-Shirts (for community outreach volunteers) $30.00 (target: 5 dozen)
  7. A pair of Rain Boots $12.00 (target: ten pairs)

Recently, we’ve heard that the numbers of people showing symptoms of Ebola in LIberia have leveled out. Previously they were doubling every two weeks. We know the next four months will be hard, but the number of infections is expected to be under control by Spring 2015. Please help us to get through these difficult times.

You don’t have to Show Us Your Mo, if you don’t want to. We’re happy to receive donations in any regard. But if you want to join us in keeping a happy outlook in confrontation to this latest catastrophe to befall us, then we would be delighted to see your ‘mo’ posted on facebook. We’ll launch a few of our own and challenge some of our friends up there as well, to get the idea ‘mo’ving!!!

Millennium Stars under-12 and 12 to 15 just after someone said the word 'torborgee'!

Happier times last year – Millennium Stars juniors just after someone said the word ‘torborgee’!

More information about Millennium Stars

Twitter: You can follow Millennium Stars on Twitter: @star_millennium

(If you tweet about this campaign, please use #ebolastars)

Facebook: The Millennium Stars Facebook page is here.

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