Media Training

I have more than 15 years experience of running media training courses for staff and volunteers in charities, community organisations and education establishments, In the UK, in Europe and in Africa.

They can be practical and teach people skills they can really use. Or they can be more theoretical, identifying areas of skill or skill shortage for later focus.

For an organisation such as a charity, communication with donors, supporters, beneficiaries is at the heart of running a successful organisation. Generally, the media training courses I run focus on the following areas:

  • Planning with a communications and events calendar.
    • A simple month-by-month deadline planning tool.
  • Knowing your audience – or getting to know them.
    • Who do you want to reach and what do you want them to do as a result? For any business, the answers to this dual question can change over time.
  • Identifying a unique selling point that works for you and for your audience.
    • When you know your audience, you can begin to give them what they want.
  • Understanding, preparing for and writing press releases.
    • This involves the most hands-on element of the media training course. It will prepare any participant to write clear, concise, punchy copy.
  • Taking photos and shooting film.
    • OK. This is the most hands-on element of the media training course! It will prepare you to take excellent photos for use on websites, blogs, social media and in print.
  • Understanding and using social media.
    • Social media is moving and changing rapidly, but this section of the media training course will help you use social media – Facebook, Twitter, blogs and all the rest – to your best advantage.

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