Media Relations

MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA Whatever you do, your story is interesting to someone. That is why Media Relations is important to any non-profit organisation.

I’ve spent 15 years working with a national charity (CAFOD) and freelancing for small businesses, charities and non-profit organisations, to promote their activities through relevant local, national and specialist and social media.

All of this on a wide variety of subjects. From arranging interviews on BBC national news to getting local coverage for  school exam results; an annual golf tournament between clergymen of different faiths, and a re-published map to a place called No Place.

I am happy to advise on the best use of photo opportunities, press conferences and celebrities, to do it for you myself or to train your staff and volunteers to get the most from the media – press releases, interviews and photo opportunities, as well as social media. You’ll find more details here.

As well as being experienced in using social media, I have also acted as producer for two films publicising clients:

  • Interview with the ‘Barefoot Runner’, John McBride video – here
  • Film of 150-mile ‘Big Walk’ from Durham to Lindisfarne to commemorate the 25th anniversary of CAFOD’s office in the North East of England – here

Media Relations examples

A dummy press release, cuttings, and examples of some publications I’ve worked on: